Apple TV2 UNTETHERED Jailbreak – Seas0n Pass

FireCore recently released a version of Seas0n Pass that supports an untethered jailbreak for the Apple TV2 running 4.4.4!

I had been using the previous tethered version of the jailbreak with great results but after the ATV was unplugged today, I figured I’d give the new untethered version a try and see how easy it was.¬† It took me maybe a matter of 20 minutes (most of that time was waiting while the software did it’s thing) and in the end I wound up with a successfully jailbroken ATV2 running the latest firmware … and no more tether!

Thanks to FireCore for the ease of use and packaging the jailbreak in Seas0n Pass.

The new version of Seas0n Pass and the simple instructions can be found HERE.

Thanks to @pod2g who if I’m correct, did the majority of work in cutting the cord!