Updated PHP Library for Blip.tv – Blip-PHP

I currently have a client that needed to interface with Blip.tv through their API.

On Blip’s site the only reference to a php library is one written by Almog Baku.

After downloading the library and trying to get it working, I realized that commits on the library were from 2010. Blip updated their API in 2011 so this was a no go. Never to be thwarted, I rewrote the necessary parts dealing with the API an updated them to use the new API. I contacted Almog Baku (the author) and Kelly Sutton (the current maintainer) and we created a new repository at GitHub https://github.com/AlmogBaku/blip-php for the updated code.

The Blip-PHP library allows you to interface with Blip.tv’s API and do the following:

  • upload
  • modify (Title, Description, Privacy)
  • delete
  • get video info

This should help anyone else needing to do the same.

When I’m finished with this project I will also be writing a WordPress plugin to use this library.